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Embellish Salon and Spa About Us


Custom Hair Design In Semi-Private Hair Stations Which Incorporate
Our State-Of-The-Art, Comfortable Shampoo Chairs

Nail Services Provided In An Enclosed Nail Studio With An
Open View And Individual Station Custom Ventilation System

Semi-Private Pedicure Room
Featuring Pedicure Thrones With Rolling Back Massage

Relaxing And Therapeutic Custom Massage

Quantum Biofeedback

Professional Skin Care

Make-up Studio

Hair Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Provided In A
Private Eyelash Room On A Facial Bed Within Our Spa

Spa Packages

Bridal Services Which Are Provided In Our
Modern And Elegant Makeup Studio

Bridal Packages Are Also Available
Optional Catering Upon Request

Embellish Salon and Spa, a full-service salon and spa located in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, opened in June, 2013. It is a family-owned and operated business. Embellish offers a wide variety of high-end services at affordable prices.

Our spacious, state-of-the-art facility has been custom-built and designed for client comfort and features an attractive modern industrial theme. We offer many areas of semi-private services for a relaxing atmosphere. Embellish takes pride in providing our clients with professional, enjoyable, and relaxing services. Enjoy a day at the salon and spa, and you will leave feeling relaxed, revitalized, and absolutely beautiful!

Owner, Gina Sampson, and her husband, Tom Sampson, have come together with two of their daughters, Ashley and Brittney, who are in the beauty industry, to design and create Embellish Salon and Spa. Tom, with the help of some subcontractors, has been completely hands-on in the building process from day one. He has custom-built and fabricated nearly every aspect of the building, both indoors and out. With over 35 years of experience in metal working, he has applied his talent to designing and manufacturing all of the metal work that makes our building unique. Gina brings a wide-range of experience to the business, including office management, administrative services, and business marketing. She is also a certified Interior Designer and is a key player in the structural design, layout, and appearance of Embellish. Gina is responsible for the business operations and client relations.

About Our Logo

Early on, we noticed that the trend in logos is black and white with modern type, which is perfect for our modern industrial theme. We personalized it by including a horizontal line with five red dots representing the five of us in the Sampson family.

Tom and Gina's daughters, Ashley and Brittney, are managers at the salon and assist with all aspects of running the business. Ashley is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, and Brittney is a professional nail technician. Youngest daughter, Chelsey, has taken her expertise in food service and applied it to managing the Sampson's Espresso stand, Aroma Espresso located on the lot of Embellish Salon and Spa. The espresso stand opened in December 2013 and is the perfect addition to the salon, as clients can visit Aroma for a delicious beverage or food item before coming into Embellish for their services.   Aroma conveniently offers one walk-up and one drive-up window, and is proud to serve locally roasted and delicious Doma coffee. The Sampsons enjoy being able to come together as a family to create and operate Embellish Salon and Spa and Aroma Espresso. Each of their individual talents seamlessly merge together, forming a well-rounded management team.

We are honored to have a great team of stylists and technicians, who we believe are among the most talented beauty professionals in the area. Members of our staff bring their individual talents and expertise to the salon, creating the perfect blend of professionalism and high-quality service that Embellish stands for. We strongly believe in continuing education, and members of our staff regularly attend trade shows, seminars, and classes nationwide to ensure that we are bringing current and advanced techniques to our clientele.